Thursday, 22 September 2011


No point in heading home to a hotel room, so here is a robot wot i drew.

I've been living in Lombard, a suburb of Chicago, for a couple of weeks. It's pretty cool, if you're into car parks. Fun stuff exists, but out here the car is king, and without transport you're kind of paralized. I owe a big thanks to people who've been giving me lifts to and from places. (like the Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper party - thanks!).

The main TMS office is about 3 miles from the Lombard station, which seems like a livelier area. But this part of Lombard is pretty quiet. I guess, like any city, as you head away from the centre land becomes cheaper, so you end up with large malls and business parks out here. The upshot of this is that the massive retail areas are really good for product research, and there's a vast amount of stuff available to look at/break.

Target is like Tescos, but more intimidating.

The HR team have been a massive help settling me in here, and I'm moving into a pretty pimp flat in downtown Chicago at the weeknd. More on that to follow.

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