Friday, 16 September 2011

Hear Here

So, a pretty hectic week has just passed. I'm now in Chicago!

I worked in London on Monday, flew to the US on Tuesday, and started work on Wednesday. So it's all been pretty non-stop. I was pulled straight into helping out on a project, which was a fun start.

As I'd been told, American hospitality is second to none. Everyone here is massively friendly and helpful - if anything I find it a bit unnerving. I arrived to the hotel to find a goodie bag with beer nibbles and some guide books. Everyone has carried on being friendly, and I'm starting to think it's not a ruse.

Within a couple of days it's pretty obvious that this exchange will be a good help for our teams. It turns out that Josh (one of our engineers) was working on a similar proposal to something I was working on back in London. So after a flurry of emails we got to a decision on a problem which had arisen in London, but already been looked into By Hong Kong and the US.

Trump Tower is pretty mega. I'll try and space out my pics of all the great skyscrapers. Also, my moniter's colour calibration is a bit dodgey, so these might look really bright.

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