Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Zoo Time!

I headed to the zoo in Lincoln park last weeked, and it was great. It's totally free, and has cool animals. The primate area was probably my favourite, and I have a soft spot for gibbons, not only do they move fantastically but it's also a really fun word to say. These little dudes above were cool too. They kind of look like the sort of thing that Bobby Chui and the Imaginism Studio lot might come out with.The other cool thing in the zoo is an old Mould-a-Rama machine. This is basically a promotional toy dispenser, but with the added bonus that you get to see the toy manufactured! As a product designer this is fun, but it's a cool process and gets kids interested too. The Mould-a-Rama blow moulds a bit of hot plastic into a set shape, then lets it cool (fractionally) before dropping it out like a vending machine. Thus I have a small plastic gorilla.


  1. Blow moulded? YOU SURE MCDOWELL!?!

  2. Just seen the video... I take it back.