Monday, 7 November 2011

By Design

Fairly highbrow weekend! I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and SOFA Chicago - a design show.

The MCA is great. A lovely gallery, with a great exhibition space. There was an Iain Baxter& exhibition which was fun and a little silly, and an Ieko and Koma bit which was just plain creepy. My favourite by far was a minimalism exhibition which was great and had an awesome Sol Le Witt piece in. Quite hypnotic to see in the flesh. SOFA Chicago is an arts and crafts fair. Some nice design work, and some just plain obnoxious. I went there with my toy design thinking hat on and thought these were the most interesting bits.Ooh, that table was lovely too. Marine engineering inspired.


  1. Love that table... nice post McD

  2. Yep, it was wicked. Only thing is... turns out it was by some british chap. David Trubridge. Graduated from Newcastle a while back and was at 100% Design. I think it's made Cappellini, but I couldn't find it in their catalogue.