Friday, 11 November 2011

Food For Thought

Chicago is brill to eat out. Generally cheaper than London, and a lot more mid-range decent places. Plus you get loads more food! I'm having a hard time not getting fat.

The best place I've eaten by far is Tango Sur, an Argentinian steak house, I'll stick up some blurb about other nice places too, but in the mean time, here're some less classy options...

Chicago's famous Pizza Pie. Y'know, "When the moon hits your eye" and all that... Basically it's a kind of pizza quiche. This was a pretty small one, and I shared it with Dan when he was here. We can both normally eat a fair bit, but this was enough for both of us. If you consider the lashings of cheese and sausage meat, then it's basically a whole weeks worth of calories. Yummy on a wet and miserable day. Nothing like the Italians do it, but great none the less. 8/10

America's Dog. - It's a hotdog! (Voted No. 1 Hotdog in Chicago) I thought it was pretty good. Heavy on the gherkins, and slightly undergunned on the meat. It's super tangy and fun on your tongue, but I'd take a bratwurst above it any day of the week. 6/10

White Castle! - a fast food chain, all styled on the exterior like white castles. Genius because, when you're drunk, they're really obvious. Basically the idea is that you buy hundreds of tiny burgers, which have a cumulative effect on your hunger levels. This is a pile of 20 burgers - not the biggest option on the menu. 2/10, or, after a night out 7/10

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