Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some Landscapes

I've never been good at landscapes. I don't get much practice and their construction feels pretty alien to me. Plus I'm normally pretty daunted by colour choices. These quick thumbnails were made using a mishmash of programs. I imported hipstamatic photos into artrage, where I used a pallet knife to mess up the image. it's a great way of setting a pallet and composition without thinking too much. Both started off as pis of the train station.


  1. Nice one bro! get on them environments :) a good technique to quickly fill the page (widescreen) is mirroring the image then adding more asymmetry afterwards! check this guys work, he saves his stuff as psd's so ppl can break down his technique!

  2. Ah, I recognise some of that guys stuff. It's awesome. I'll try that widening trick at some point too. Cheers Iz.