Monday, 5 December 2011

In T' Face

People often say (and I am one of them) "My god! Look at that two year old using an ipad! Isn't it scary how easily they pick up new technology..."

Yes, it is amazing, but the greatest compliment should go to the designer. Human intuition plays a massive part in design and as designers we need to use this to our advantage. As well as drawing pretty pictures to communicate with clients we need to ensure that the product itself communicates with the end user. Products should be easy to interpret functionally, avoiding frustration and confusion (like I suffer with badly designed tv remote controls).

Good design can often be mistaken for simplicity, but bad design is always noticeable - It is just that we have been plagued with clunky interface design for so long that we have become used to it.

But also, kids are pretty switched on. They learn fast and adapt quickly. Like aliens.

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