Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sears / Willis Tower

Last Thursday was our office hoiday party (not Christmas - the Americans are quite P.C.). And guess where we had it! - The Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. At the time of it's completion in 1973 it was the tallest building in the world and was for nearly 25 years! The concept behind it's constuction was several smaller buildings all supporting one another. In a shameless rebranding exercise London based Willis Group Holdings renamed the building in 2009 The Willis Tower, but Chicagans still affectionately know it as The Sears Tower. Some things are so deeply rooted in peoples lives they are difficult to change. The party was brill, and on the 99th floor, so stunning views of the city. We snuck up to the observation deck which was incredible, and I plan to go again with a camera and less inebriated.

It's been a tough year for businesses as we found out at the company presentation before the party, but The Marketing Store is still slogging away. Last year we produced around 850 million toys, and 360 unique designs... Just under one per day! Those are crazy figures!

Ooh, and look at these satalite dishes from my window! They look like a little bird!

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