Monday, 30 January 2012

Science Is Great

This weekend I went to the Museum of Science and Industry. Brilliant!

It was a funny mish mash of popular science, fun experiments and just cool stuff. I'll try not to flood the blog with too many photo's, but there really is a lot to talk about. You can click here for lots more pictures, but here're some highlights:A Tesla lightning simulator on the ceiling which generated 3 meter arcs of 1.2 million volts.A magnetic liquid. This reacted to lines of magnetic flux to create stunning spikey shapes.

An entire WW2 German U-boat, and a 20ft indoor tornado. (pics on Flickr)

The musem also housed a toy production line, which meant that a you could follow a toy as it was assembled and packaged. The whole system was automated, and set up so that you could follow your toy's pallet as it moved through the process. Nice to see that sonic welding and quality control processes are getting their share of the limelight. The production line was a massive pull for kids, and much more interesting than the toy to be honest.

The museum also commented on Ray A. Kroc's initial business model of McDonald's. He brought the assembly line methods of manufacture to restaurants to ensure high quality at a reduced cost. Nice one Ray.

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