Friday, 23 March 2012


Eugh, hangover. Farewell drinks with the design department here last night. My last day is today! I'm a little shocked to be honest. The time has passed at a hell of a speed, and it's been an amazing experience.

It's a space flea! - for a weekly brief.

The space flea is a large animal with evolved to jump between planets. It's hind legs could propel itself out of the atmosphere, and gravitaional pull of smaller masses. The flea photo synthasises and uses stored chemicals to produce oxygen, which it stores in it's air sack, and consumed slowly when in space. The flea was never very intelligent, and suffered from an awful sense of direction. Fortunately it evolved alongside flea symbiotes, which maintained and guided the flea, living inside the air sack. The rear thruster expels oxygen and is used to guid the flea in a vacuum.

The flea symbiotes, with their larger intelegence quickly came to rule the Space Fleas and use them for exploration.

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