Saturday, 31 March 2012

La land

I'm in LA, staying with friends Frankie and Michelle Assous. They're both designers and have been awesome to put me up for my time here.

Here's the view from their place. Landscapes are so bloody hard to draw! I need a lot more practice.

LA is pretty big! It's officially the second biggest city in the states, after New York, with a population of just over 3 million. Although almost 13 million if you include the outlying suburbs, which I assume you would, because that's what LA really is.

The downtown area doesn't boast the biggest or best anything in America, but the area has some of the most consistently perfect weather and stunning scenery. As a result LA is more a collection of people living in a place rather than an epicentre focused metropolis. Scores of smaller settlements have been enveloped by the sprawl, and I've been staying in one of them. I'm writing this post from Pasadena, a pretty little place with a nice town hall, restaurants and cafe culture. I've been exploring LA from here in my trusty hire car.

LA is perhaps best known for being the entertainment capital of the world, and home to the Hollywood film industry. I have to say I found Hollywood Boulevard a lot less blamed us than I expected. There're the usual confused tourists, but being followed around by middle aged, slightly out of shape would be super heroes in search of photo opportunities.

Santa Monica is pretty fun, and from there I walked down to Venice beach, which I thought would be super glamourous muscled bound people chucking tin around. Instead it was more like London's Camden Market, but by the seaside. Fun place, very hippy. There were some great skaters there strutting their stuff too.

In separate news, I downloaded the Posemaniacs app, and have been doodling - here's a blurry photo.

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