Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I always liked the suit from MDK but something troubled me about the whole game - It was a bizarre mishmash of styles. Gun blazing four armed dog. What!?! Maybe they changed art director mid development. Who knows. Anyways, this top sketch was quicker and better than the render below, and the design is better too. It was Sketchbook Pro instead of the Photoshop (used below), and has a lot more life because of it. Kept the interesting legs from the first go though. The head drawing has nothing from the origional janitor character, but his face was boring anyway.


  1. did you watch bbc4 lastnight, a tv show about medieval armour, it had some mental designs.

  2. Thanks Iz!

    Ah, just watched it Dealga. Cool! I've been round the tower of London, and the armor is stunning. Beautiful craftsmanship. A lot of crazy cod pieces too!