Monday, 9 July 2012

Gears of War

The Gears of War concept art is bloody ace. As a bit of fan art, I thought I'd give it a go, so here's a character, armed with what looks to be some kind of hedge trimmer gun.

His name is Lucky Joe. He has been officially declared dead 18 times. As a vagrant, Lucky Joe sold his body to scientific research in return for whisky, hoping to die a peaceful and inebriated death. Unfortunately, he awoke to find his liver and kidneys had been replaced with COG prosthetics. Horrified at this, the following six months for Joe consisted of unsuccessful suicide attmepts, eventually ending in the addition of a COG neural implant limiting self-harm.

Lucky Joe was forced into the military in order to field test his implants. He agreed wholeheartedly to his post as a grunt, and  has a reputation for volunteering for suicide missions.

Due to his excessive augmentation, and bizarre genetic makeup, Lucky Joe has been found alive, or at least not totally dead, on numerous occasions - much to his disgust.


  1. nice work Mr Tom!

  2. Thanks! (I'm guessing that's from Mr Marky Mark)