Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Mascot Happy Meal

I was lucky enough to be the designer on the Olympic Mascot Happy Meal range for McDonald's UK. These little guys are out now, and will be available during the following weeks of the Olympics. Go Team GB!


  1. Hi,
    I am rather a big kid, but have really enjoyed getting these. I think the best toy that MD has done and a nice way for the kids to get involved. The movements of them are quite amazing for a giveaway. Well done.

  2. Thanks Elise, I'm glad you're enjoying them. It was a great project to work on.

  3. I got 6 of these from McDs in the Olympic park and am collecting the rest on eBay. I agree with the comment above - they are the best Happy Meal toys in ages!

    From a 33 year old Happy Meal eater.

  4. Thanks Happy Meal eater! They're for big kids too!