Thursday, 30 August 2012

Head Case

I started this piece from a doodle whilst I was thinking about ghost in the shell. There's a sniper in a helicopter with a steel plate accross his eyes - he looks wicked. I can't quite remember it, and I can't find a screenshot on the interwebs anywhere.

Drawing this piece taught me that I am useless at drawing faces and skin. In fact, the face area was so bad I decided to use a photo and work into it a bunch. Cheating I know. I am also particularly bad at drawing eyes, but I'll leave that until another time. At least I know what to practice now.


  1. They should totally use this design style in the new robocop film!

  2. haha, nah, they'll do better than this!

  3. The Ghost in the Shell episode you're referring to is the fourth or fifth episode of SAC 2nd GiG, I think.

  4. Ah, I thought it was from the film, but I'll check that out. Hopefully it's there too. Thanks!