Tuesday, 7 August 2012

More Mass Effect Fan Art

I've been Playing through Mass Effect 3, and it's bloody fun. From a design point of view, the universe is stunning. I love the Syd Mead inspired aesthetics, and the spaceships are just brilliant. The Normandy may have even dislodged the Millennium Falcon as my favourite ship ever. But (and there is always a but) I think the Normandy Shuttle (kodiak) is kinda average. - well it's not that bad. But considering the other ships are so cool, and it gets so much screen time, I thought it would be cooler. Actually, the concept drawing of it is ace - I really like the top right. But the final design feels a little less agile, I think partly to do with the opposing nascelle engines which seem to contradict oneanother.

Anyway, I'll stop moaning. Here is my attempted re-take on it. A more streamlined dropship which carrys different compartments depending on the mission.


  1. love the removable compartment but the designs a bit generic.. futuristicy[not a word i know] remember it has to fit in the small hold of the normandy and stil give space for a spare wich is why i reckon they did the kodiak shoebox,but your so right about the opposing engines,bugs the shiz outa me everytime i see it

  2. Hey, thanks for the input. Yeah, I think you are probably right, the design should be smaller and more compact. The ship is going to be developed into a gaming model, so hopefully some of the other issues will be resolved as it moves to 3D.