Friday, 18 January 2013


Nomad anti-material mech.
And the sketch which seems kinda fun.


  1. Cool cool, yeah angled side on views are probably better for mech sketches! will go back and sort out the concept! :)

  2. I liked that one you had up Iz. I think the viewpoint of design drawings should reflect what you want to show. In this design the focus was on a huge couter-weighted gun and tripod legs, so I picked an angle to show them off. Think about what's the most intersting aspect of the design, then use the drawing to highlight it. Looking forward to your redraw!

  3. Cheers bro, I agree composition is key! :) When I do environments I think about these things, but its never crossed my mind to do it for props n vehicles! if possible I'll send it you for some feedback before I republish that post haha, with a few other images I did as I want them to be kickass portfolio pieces!!