Monday, 7 January 2013

Rad Soldiers Fan Art

 Some Rad Soldiers fan art. This is Sushi Jim. Part time Gourmet chef, and amateur mercenary.

This christmas has been pretty rad for two reasons:
1. RAD Soldiers on the ipad, which is bloody good like everyone says, and it's free, which is ridiculous!
2. Rad! - the film, which is, as it says on the tin, rad! But I can't believe they don't show the disco scene in the trailer... Update: Disco!!! - movie genius. Is there anything that kid can't do?

The pic above got me thinking. I'm fairly happy with the render, but the design is pretty dull. I should've taken a step back and thought a little more before plunging headlong into it. The Japanese thing only developed half way through the work really, and offers a lot of scope for backstory and costume design. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with the bodyshape and ridiculous arms.

For designers the balance between illustration and design is always a tough one. the two skills compliment oneanother, but spend too much time on either and you can fail. A designer with a great vision and no artistic skill will never be able to describe and realise his (or her) ideas. but on the other hand, there's no point in a beautiful render of a terrible design.

Anyway, hello 2013!

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