Wednesday, 5 June 2013

7 up

Here're some doodles for The Seven Samurai as gangsters. Playing around with body shapes.

Here're the film charcters in order from of drawing...

1. Hayashida HEIHACHI (Chiaki Minoru) of the 'Woodcutter Sword School'. "There are too many enemies to kill them all, so I usually just run."

2. KIKUCHIYO (Mifune Toshiro), the buffoon, the man who would be a samurai. He is the first to admit the faults of the peasants--they are crafty and dishonest. But who made them that way that they are? he challenges the rest of the samurai.

3. SHICHIROJI (Kato Daisuke), Kambei's right hand man. He answers YES to the proposition of there being no profit. Honor, without hesitation. "We might die this time," says Kambei. He just smiles; He is ready.

4. Shimada KAMBEI (ShimuraTakashi), the "lead" samurai. "Such selfishness will not be tolerated. You're all in one boat." "He who thinks only about himself will destory himself, too." "In war, it's teamwork that counts."

5. Katayama GOROBEI (Inaba Yoshio) the first to join Kambei and Katushiro. "My name sounds strong but. . ."

6. Okamoto KATSUSHIRO (Kimura Ko), the young, idealistic samurai, whose story is a coming of age story.

7. KYUZO (Miyaguchi Seiji), the master swordsman "A man only interested in perfecting his own skill"

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