Monday, 12 August 2013


Bastion is such a beautiful little game. I'm out of my comfort zone with this painterly stuff, but couldn't resist doing a practice bloke. check out the actual art of the game which is stunning, and has a tonne of character. The game is so rich in imagination, the whole world just sucks you in. it also seems like everyone who worked on it was a bloody genius. From Jen Zee the art director to Darren Korb and everyone in between. 


  1. I love Bastion! Like you said, its such a beautiful game. Its amazingly inspirational too, which means I never play to much of it in one go as I stop to paint a Bastion inspired piece! The audio is fantastic too, I have the soundtrack and its one of my favourite game based OST's.

    Cool painting! The Judge Dredd vehicle is ace!

    1. Thanks Mel. Ah, yeah, I was listening to the soundtrack as I drew this. Also, the narration is amazing.