Tuesday, 7 January 2014


For me, the main difference between working in colour compared to black and white is that colour is a bloody nightmare.

Books. Got to be honest: I was interested in Ann Lekie's Ancillary Justice because of the awesome cover by John Harris (Which I have clearly nicked in order to draw a spaceship). After reading it, I'm happy to say it's actually really good. Lots ideas and exploration of group consciousnesses which is really fascinating. The book's protagonist is fairly alien to a human mind, but the story is still compelling and the characters are easy to empathize with. I'm looking forward to reading some more by her.

I've just finished Old Mans War by John Scalzi, which was also entertaining, but in a very different way. It was humorously human: a Staship Troopers meets Dad's Army kind of vibe. Again, a lot of fun ideas to think about, but less subtly presented than Ancillary Justice. Most were explained in dialog rather than being discovered though the story itself. No harm in that though, and lots of really fun(ny) action scenes. Again, I think I'll pick up the sequel.

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