Thursday, 31 July 2014

Destiny Fan Art

I had a play about on the Destiny Beta last weekend, and it's pretty lush. Also equally, if not more lush is the concept art from Bungie (obviously world class). I really love the painterly vibe that these pieces have, and this piece, and even the sketchy amazingness of these... They're all just so cool. I'm trying to learn a more painterly vibe, so this is where I got to. Pretty happy with the results, and I think it just about fits into this range...

Actual artyness for Destiny:
I'm pleased that destiny will open up a whole world to explore, visually, but also from a story/lore point of view. Not an easy thing to start a franchise - My biggest hope is that they have kept some weirdness and eccentricity in the universe, and that it isn't too generic for mass market appeal.

Anywhoo, I like Boarderlands and Mass Effect therefore from my angle Destiny looks pretty bloody good.

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