Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Heliotech

I'm pretty nervous about posting this. It's a lot of experiments all rolled together but, in the name of progress and creativity: Fuck it.

1. I wrote something. This isn't particularly new, but I'm a  designer not a writer, so it feels weird putting it into the public realm.
2. I've decided to learn a bit of video editing, and experimented on this, so I needed a narrative illustration and a voice.
3. The illustration is loose, but narrative stuff is tricky for me. I much prefer drawing an object plonked in the center of a page!
4. I had to read! Out loud! Do I really sound like this? Shit.


  1. really liked stumbling upon this :] I thought it was timed rather nicely

  2. Thanks JJ! I had to chop up and re-draw parts of the illustration to flow with the words. Really interesting learning experience!