Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dewalt Guns

Well, I thought a DeWalt weapons project might have some legs.

Here is the photo-chop follow up to my older 3D practice. I really enjoyed doing this. Just plugging things together - it's kind of like lego! Luckily the DeWalt catalog photography is mostly side profile, so no annoying perspective to deal with.

I think that the surfacing lends itself well to guns. Using pre-existing elements forces you out of normal solutions and shows up some really interesting shapes in this exercise.

I'm missing a heavy MG. Maybe another time.

There are 2 photographic components not from DeWalt...


  1. Great work! This look awesome.

  2. Love it! I work for Stanley Black & Decker, they own DeWalt... I'd LOVE to be able to get an employee discount on these!!!!

    1. Thanks! Glad you approve - you'll have to talk to your boss about manufacturing them! I'm pretty sure they'd sell well...