Monday, 4 April 2016

Woven: 48 Hour Film Challenge

Woven from Ben Witt on Vimeo.

This weekend a group of us made a short film for the London Sci-fi Film Festival!

It was an huge learning experience for me, and I'm amazed at what we achieved (actually in 36 hours from brief to upload)

The briefing took place at the BFI here in London. From there, we were given four randomised cue cards as a brief which related to:

Title: Woven
Theme: In a world where people have AI assistants, can they be trusted to be an alibi?
Specific dialogue: "Wake up. Please clear the designated sleeping area."
Specific action: An unmarked container is removed from a fridge.

Nothing was prepared. So, everything in the film was conceived and executed in the short space of time allowed. The film's not perfect by any means, but I'm pleased with what we've done as this is the first time I've been quite so involved in a project like this. I'm usually just a part of the front end.

Massive props to the other members of the team: Holly Churches, Ben Witt, Phil Ormrod and Jon Fenton all of whom were pivotal to the project. 


  1. wow, always engaged in interesting creative projects Tom (:] very inspiring to see

    1. Thanks JJ! I try to keep busy. The results came out and sadly we didn't make the shortlist. There's some amazing stuff that people produce. Hopefully we'll try some more film making at some point.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Iz! It was pretty fun to make. Always weird doing something totally new.