Monday, 21 November 2011


- Or Chicago Toy and Game Fair was this weekend. The Marketing Store had a stand there showing some of our retail items which are in the market place.

Toy fairs can be quite corporate, but Chitag is open to the general public and attracts a lot of kids and families just as a fun day out. It's located on Navy Pier, in downtown, so is super central. Here's Ray, one of our creative directors.

One of the great bits of the fair is an area given to kids who have created their own games. They each get a bit of space to present their game, and persuade visitors to vote for their design. This little chap, Adrik Herbert, was last years winner. He'd designed a pretty bloody good game this year too, and then proceded to beat me at it.

It's a great bit of consumer research to talk and play with kids at the fair. They're very honest, and If they don't like something they'll make it well know. The little rotters.

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