Tuesday, 29 November 2011


It's been a really busy week! Work has been totally manic, and I've been flat out on a program for Latin America. It's been a real eye-opener working for a new client in a totally different region of the world. Frustratingly presentations have been over the phone, and you really realise how important eye contact can be with clients to really sell an idea.

It's also been thanksgiving here in the states. I have extended family in Atlanta, so I headed there for the national holiday. Jackie and Jay, my cousin's parents in-law, fed, watered and entertained me. So a huge thank you to them. Jay also showed me round Atlanta - the spiritual home of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in the states. Families get together over large meals, and the lack of religious connections makes it accessible to everyone. It's like the UK's Christmas, but without the Goddy bits.

I took some pictures. Here.

I also left my camera to Naomi, my cousin's youngest daughter, for a little bit. She took these great snaps, and she's only 4! Here.

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  1. Hey - cousin here. Good time in Atlanta, thanks for coming down south with us all. Y'all may have even learned how to slow down like the southerners. Next up, Cali.