Thursday, 5 January 2012

I "Heart" NY

Ooh, Look! The original doodle for "I Love NY" by Milton Glaser.

Sorry, boring writing post...

We've done pretty well with galleries. Aside from the Guggenheim yesterday, we made it to a few more.

MOMA - The Museum Of Modern Art, is massive and crowded, but for good reason. You can barely crane your neck to look at obnoxious children without seeing iconic masterpieces. Actually it wasn't that bad, we went in the morning and it was pretty manageable. My favourite piece was a huge pollock painting, and a couple of older favourites by Umberto Botticioni. MOMA also has floor of design work, and an exhibit on plywood in design. Super cool.

We managed to get to a few smaller galleries too. MAD - Museum of Art and Design, was a tiny block just at the south west of central park. It housed a mix of pieces which bridged the gap between the two disciplines. Highlights were the korean and Japanese floors.

Soho, a manhattan district, is home to a few smaller sales galleries. One of them had an exhibition of stuff by entertainment artists like Matt Groening, Tim Burton, and Brian Froud (Labyrinth).

The Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art was as brilliant as it was hard to find. It's a tiny little gallery off Broadway which showed a few Batman exhibits and some other video related stuff. I'm not a comic expert, in fact I have none, but the character and mood of the drawings really was something else. I'm really pleased to have been to this little place and enjoyed it more than a lot highbrow artsy stuff.


  1. Cool i'm glad you enjoyed your trip mate! did you grab a hotdog at times square? the best in the world i hear! lol

  2. Haha, didn't quite manage to. We ate really well though. Had a super amazing vegan meal (never thought I'd say that!).

  3. haha yeah, those words arent usually used in the same sentence!