Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Comic Timing

I've done a little more of this comic print. I'm working on the text with an old friend - Hi Alex! but there's just Lorem ipsum in this version for the moment. Once it's done I'll drop it in and I've got and idea for printing and framing which I think could be interesting.

Chicago has a fairly large arty culture, and it's inspiring to walk around small galleries in town. Rotofugi Gallery is a great little place, and has given me a few ideas and forced me to work on the drawing above. Aside from the gallery part they sell and display Urban Vinyl like Dunny and Munny (Figurines inspired by Japanese character design). I've bought one, and will have a crack at making a character. Urban Vinyl toys have had a huge impack on the adult toy market, and are a whole genre in themself. I've got a few thoughts on them, but will save that for another post...

You can also find a few more photos from NYC here.

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