Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lost, But Not Forgotten

Anyone remember Lost Vikings? I think they need to come back in app form.

Another major difference between our London and Chicago offices is the skillsets of the creatives. Our London designers have traditionally come from a product design background, where as our Chicago team tend to originate from an illustration background.

There're obviously quite a few differences between the two diciplins, but one that's really stood out is the great character drawings from the Chicago team - something which I've been pestering the guys here about and trying to learn. Figure drawing is a pretty difficult area to tackle, especially when we're trying to portray three dimensional forms, rather than just 2D shapes. One of the toughest parts of the job is then ensuring that the life of the origional drawing is kept during the toys progression to reality.


  1. These are great man especailly the badass pose of the dude on the right! I need to practice figures again!

  2. Thanks Iz, yeah, agreed the guy on the right is best by far. Get drawing!

  3. Neato. Baleog's got some rad tats there.