Friday, 20 January 2012

Sandwiches, Soups, Brunch

Here's another take on a comic panel.

One of the reasons I've been out here in the states is so that our two offices can share info about our work processes. One of the differences between the two offices is their use of computer modeling at various stages of the design process. Our US office uses a CAD system called Freeform which uses a haptic feedback stylus (shown below). The stulus is used as a tool in 3D space to sculpt the model. The haptic feedback element means that you can literally feel the "clay's" resistance in virtual space when pushing the tool into it. Neat eh?


  1. That 3D stylus sounds pretty cool. I would love to see some work that is created using that tool.

  2. I'll have an ask an see if any examples are lying around. I'm not on the 3D team over here, so I only got a quick go.

    It's pretty cool to use, but an odd sensation. The arm also senses the twisting movement of the stylus, so there's a lot to think about. Personally, I don't think the progamme is that remarkable. Freeform has evolved alongside the feedback arm, but has missed out on a lot of the developments made by Zbrush and Mudbox. And personally I think Maya would be of most use to us here.

    Nice work on your blog BTW.