Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Model of No Restraint

Killer Cat! - Here's an Urban Vynal figurine I've put together. It is a variation on a Trikky, from Kid Robot. I've never put one of these together before, and learnt a lot from the process and outcome.

I'm actually a little disappointed with the final result, and the model looked a lot cooler without the addition of guns and bionic bits. This was partly a colour scheme issue, and partly because of the pattern. The block blacks and yellows act as dazzle camoflage and break up the smooth surface, and the accessories distract from the silhouette, confusing the image further - they would've looked better in an accent colour. Both ideas would've worked okay seperately, but together they just make for confusion.

Basically I chucked too many ideas at one object! Ah well, live and learn...

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