Thursday, 29 November 2012

Drop Box

The Viper VPV (Variable Profile Vehicle) is a multi-purpose light chassis designed to be dropped by the NB4 Harrier Dropship. It is mainly used for scouting and special forces missions due to its speed of deployment. When transported underneath the Harrier the main gun can still be used, effectively turning the harrier into an anti-tank platform. Due to its lightweight construction the Viper can be dropped from a reletively large height. It carries a crew of two,  although it can also be operated remotely as a decoy or ambush vehicle. The Viper is equiped with Folicle Base wheels which use micro hairs to grip uneven terrain, allowing the vehicle to climb near verticle surfaces. The Viper shown is equipped with a PACE anti-armour gun, which accelerates flechette rounds to speeds exceeding mach 8. 

I know - back to greyscale vehicles! I haven't stopped that 10 project, but got frustrated with the face on a drawing. I'll come back to it after a little think.

Antenoctis Workshop are going to manufacture the Harrier Dropship as gaming a model. It will be available next year some time.


  1. Wicked concept bro! sketchbook pro?

  2. Thanks Iz. I started in sketchbook pro for the sketch, but ir's all rendered in Photoshop. I need to path my wheels - they're so bloody awkward!