Monday, 29 April 2013

Sea Devils!

Yesterday was the start of the London Sci-fi Festival, so I pottered over to see the costume parade which was supposed to kick everything off. The theme was 50 years of  Dr. Who, and obvoiusly all the usual suspects were there - Daleks and Cybermen.

I grew up watching old Dr. Who episodes thanks to my mum. I remember it actually being pretty scary, especially the Sea Devils - a race of wierd reptile things that lived in the Earths oceans. I think that their backstory was actually pretty sad made these freaky monsters even weirder. Anyway, here's a spoiler for the episode, but it gives a good flavour of how cool it was.

There are a bunch of cool images of them, but nothing new and everyone seems to have forgotten about them. I had a go at a redesign...

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