Tuesday, 3 November 2015


My friend Jim has been tirelessly working on a board game for a while now. Some might say that it has consumed his life, but who am I to judge with results like this! It's a family game themed around Roman chariot racing in Cirencester. Obviously. You can manage your team, use subterfuge and gamble before the race. Then roll die to get around various length courses the quickest. The winner is the person with the most money by the end - Life lesson indeed.

I was pleased to be able to lend a hand with the artwork.

In fact, I illustrated 80 different charioteers for game, as well as the board and peripheral bits and bobs. To achieve such a high number of designs without repetition or deviation of style they were made using a system - The charioteer design was randomised using a matrix of facial features and body types, then assigned random body, clothes and hair colours. Ta-da!

The board design was a fun learning experience. Part of the challenge was actually fitting the requirements into the smallest possible board space, then illustrating a natural looking track within a very restrictive layout.

Jim took the game to the Essen Board Game Convention this October, so fingers crossed...

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